Psychometrics (or Psychometric assessment) is a discipline derived from clinical psychology.

Psychometric tests are used to construct and innovate new measurement instruments, including tests, questionnaires, personality assessments and interviews. It is the hope of Dr. Richard Sherry, the creator and innovator of the STAT psychometric test, to create an integrated system that is capable of building sustainable and compassionate emotional development for individuals as well as the larger social structures each is engaged within.

Using a computerised tele-medicine platform, we take assessment scores and link them, providing one of the most effective evaluation methods of holistic integration and strategies to heal the entire person as well as ways to look at understanding how to facilitate a similar level of development of well-being within the group or larger organisation. This is innovating the way with some of the newest and best approaches of integrated psychological assessments that not only work towards the copyrighted (Dr. Richard Sherry © 2011) STAT psychometric test and integrated interventions platform. This forms a completely new approach in to an integrated and benchmarked assessment process that looks at essential factors affecting change management and development, as well as how we can link up clear strategies to identify strengths and weaknesses. These aspects can provide space to learn and facilitate clear aspects of development. This ever-evolving process of learning and improvement helps to unlearn unhelpful or hurtful strategies and positively changes habits of development to profoundly improve all aspects of the person’s sense of connection, positive personal impact of change on others, his/her leadership, and the desire to help create a truly healthy environment.